Top Features

Remote Connections
SmartCode VNC Manager includes the following built-in clients:
  • VNC viewer with SSH tunneling, SecureVNC and MSRC4 DSM plug-ins, UltraVNC Repeater, SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies support
  • RDP client with SSH tunneling support
  • Hyper-V virtual machine client (vmconnect.exe replacement)
  • SSH and Telnet
  • Integrated Internet Explorer
The following clients are supported if corresponding client software is installed.
  • SCCM Remote Control viewer
  • Team Viewer
  • Windows Remote Assistance
  • DameWare Mini Remote
  • LogMeIn
  • HP Remote Graphics
  • RAdmin
  • Citrix ICA
Even more clients can be added as External Tools.
Remote Computer Management Tools
Remote Desktop Services Management
VNC Management
Monitoring Features
  • VNC Thumbnails View allows multiple computers to be monitored on-screen at the same time.
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machines Thumbnails View allows multiple Hyper-V Virtual Machines to be monitored on-screen at the same time.
  • Show who is logged on. Shows the users logged on to a remote computer.
  • WMI Monitoring and Inventory Manager allows you to view results of a WMI query in the registered computers list.
  • Dynamic Search Folders. Scanning your network for online computers has never been easier. You can scan for online VNC, RDP, SSH, Citrix ICA servers or for any computer responding to a Ping request. You can scan the Active Directory tree, Workgroups or IP address ranges.
  • Show uptime of a remote computer.
Other Features
  • Settings Configuration Profiles contain all the settings and data used by the application. SmartCode VNC Manager includes support for the following configuration profiles: Local XML File, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure,, Amazon S3 and FTP/FTPS.
  • Customizable "External tools" allow you to easily launch other applications while working within the VNC Manager. You can specify arguments and a working directory when launching the tool.
  • Customizable "Action scripts" allow you to execute a script when you connect or disconnect from a VNC or RDP server.
  • Active Directory integration features. Browse and connect to AD computers. Fetch the computer's associated contact details.
  • SSH Key Generation and Upload Wizard allows you to create the public-private key pair used for SSH authentication.
  • The Password Generator generates random passwords of any length. Randomness of generated passwords makes them hard to guess.