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Installed Software Manager - Not consistent

By Bob Hartung - 17 Mar 2021

I have been trying to take advantage of VNC Mgr.'s Installed Software Manager (ISM) utility but it's not reliably working and have not been able to figure out why.

ISM appears to be working fine. If I launch it, it accurately lists the software installed on the PC(s) I am working with. I can launch an uninstall for software that shows "Uninstall Allowed". In some cases it will successfully uninstall the software.

In some cases I have received an error status

"Some errors were encountered."
"Details: AP-Eng02 Failed to uninstall "ShadowSpear Identify". The following error was returned: Failed to uninstall 'ShadowSpear Identify'. Error code: 1603

In this particular case, I went to the PC and ran the uninstall and there is an error.

In some cases the uninstall appears to finish successfully and the software disappears from the ISM screen. However, if you refresh the list, it shows the software is still installed.

In cases where the software appears to have been uninstalled but isn't, I can go directly to the PC in question, log in as an administrator and successfully uninstall the software without issue.

Any suggestions on what's not working right and what I can do to fix it?