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Connect to Real VNC server

By umn - 6 Nov 2019

I have tried to test this av Active x VNC viewer.

First I have installed Real VNC server at PC2 and then at PC1 I installed Real VNC viewer. This works perfect, just enter PC2 ipaddress and password.
Then when I try the Active X VNC viewer it just say disconnected.
I have entered PC2 ipaddress as "Host" and I have also entered password.

What else should I do to get this to work?

By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 7 Nov 2019

if the RealVNC is the Enterprise edition with SSL encryption enabled, ViewerX won't be able to connect to such server. You would need to enable "Legacy protocol connections" option in the RealVNC Ent. server settings.
By umn - 7 Nov 2019

Yes it is the Enterprise Edition​ I have downloaded as a Trial to test.

I have checked the settings and I can't find "​SSL encryption enabled", I found only setting "Encryption" and for this I have the possible settings
Always Maximum
Always on
Prefer on
Prefer off

I have tested​ all of them but with no luck.

Best regards
By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 7 Nov 2019

Can you please try to set it to Always Off?