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I have a question ~ this is serious..

By hyo haeng - 3 Aug 2015

Hi ~

we have been using 'VNC Viewer ActiveX' module

we have a problem recently that is 'scvncctrl.dll'  crash..

problem occur on connect or disconnect 

we analyze the my program dump file.

crash position is inside scvncctrl.dll.

I saw article 'ViewerX Version 3.5.x crashing on connect/reconnect/disconnect'

we use version

vnc server is UltraVnc server.

Do we need to upgrade scvncctrl.dll ?

I attach dump file and pdb..

check please...

I wait for a reply.

By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 3 Aug 2015

please upgrade to the latest 3.6.2 release. It has the crash problem fixed. Before upgrading, please check that your ViewerX license covers the latest release. You can email to support@ if you have any questions.