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Integrated Auto Update / Importing From Similar Applications

By BzowK - 15 Mar 2012

Good Morning -

I've got a couple of things that I'd like to suggest, please.

Automatic and / or Integrated Updating
First, I'm sure it's been mentioned many times before, but integrated updating would be a huge help!  It's not that I mind thfe current process, but seeing as updates come out pretty frequently, it would be great to be able to have it check, prompt, install, then enter in your previous registration every time automatically.

Importing from Similar Apps
I recently started at a new job which uses Royal TS.  As I much prefer SmartCode VNC, I wanted to use it instead.  The issue is that there are about 60 hosts already entered into Royal TS which would take forever to manually input.

Royal TS only saves to an ".rts" format which is text based and offers no export feature (at least the version we are using.) 

Are either of these in the works or be a possibility?  If in the works, when could we expect them to appear?

By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 15 Mar 2012

thank you for your feedback!

Automatic updates is one of the features that is high on the priority list. So it should be implemented sooner rather then latter.

With regards of import from Royal TS. Those 60 computers, are there computers located on the same domain / workgroup or they are completely different computers from different networks?

If they are on the same network that you should be able to mass import them into the VNC Manager via Computers Registration Wizard or via Dynamic Search Folders or via Linked Active Directories.
I would be happy to advise you how this can be done.