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[NOT A BUG] Citrix ICA Client for VNC Manager x64 missing

By ftren - 4 Oct 2011

Hi there,

we are using the VNC Manager Enterprise Edition x64 and have the problem that we cant connect to the Citrix Xenapp Servers trough the VNC Manager.

We always get the message that there is no Citrix ICA Client installed, but we have the latest Citrix Online Plugin (32/64bit) installed (error message see attached file German OS Win7 Pro SP1 64bit )

The error message is:
"It seems that the Citrix ICA-client 64-bit is not installed on this computer.
Click here to download and install the XenApp Online Plug-in.
Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154

If i connect to Citrix xenapp over Webinterface it works perfect (not over vnc manager) so the online plugin is working.
Is there an other ICA Client wich i have to install?

Thanks for your help!

Br Franz
By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 4 Oct 2011

Hi Franz,
you will need to install the 32-bit build of the VNC Manager if you want to use Citrix client.

Citrix ICA ActiveX is available in 32-bit only, that's why you are getting the error when you attempt to use it from within 64-bit VNC manager.
By ftren - 4 Oct 2011

Hi Yury,

so there is no way to use Citrix with the 64bit Manager?
Is it planed to integrate this feature also to the 64bit edition, or is this "problem" Citrix related?

btw. thanks for the extremely fast answer!
By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 4 Oct 2011

The problem is Citrix related. 64-bit VNC Manager requires 64-bit ActiveX controls. But ICA Client ActiveX is available in 32-bit only.