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[NOT A BUG] Logged on Users Problem

By IT Software Manager - 26 Jul 2011

I have noticed that I am unable to list Logged on Users for any Windows 7 Pro (x32/x64) and VPN (Software/Hardware) users.  It shows "The network path was not found".  I am able to deploy VNC in both instances but this feature does not seem to work.
By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 26 Jul 2011

There are two ways how Show Logged On Users can query users:
1) By establishing connection to a remote computer registry
2) via a WMI query

The first method requires Remote Registry service to be running on the remote computer. If the service is stopped, you would receive “The network path was not found”.
So please check if the service is running. Alternatively you can switch to the WMI query method.
This can be done via Tool \ Options \ Per Configuration Profile Settings \ Registered Computer Status Check \ Fetch Logged On Users combobox.
By IT Software Manager - 27 Jul 2011

Well, fixed the Windows 7 Professional machines.  Seems that for some reason it turned Remote Registry on Manual.  Fixed it in group policy to always be on automatic and tested on a few units and fixed the issue.

Still having the problem with the users on Software VPN.  Think it's more of an issue with DNS not working correctly more than an issue with the software.