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Changing timeout value

By vivekgargs - 6 Nov 2008


We are currently using VNC ViewerX component. We wish to establish a direct connection with VNC server and should it fail for some reason we would want to go through a repeater.

Query: When our direct connection fails VNC ViewerX takes 20 seconds to notify our application and then we initiate a connection through repeater. We want to reduce the notification timeout value from the current default of 20 seconds. We are unable to find any such property in the component.

Please Advise and comment.

By Yury Averkiev (s-code) - 7 Nov 2008

there is no way to change the timeout value. When you execute the Connect() method ViewerX opens a  socket and attempts to establish a remote connection. If remote computer is unreachable the connection will fail for a corresponding error. 20 seconds that you mentioned is the approximate time needed for a socket to decide that remote computer is not responding and cancel the connection attempt.

Microsoft's RDP ActiveX has exactly the same behavior as ViewerX. It takes RDP ActiveX about 15-20 seconds when you try to establish connection to a non-existing address.