SmartCode ServerX VNC Server ActiveX 1.1

SmartCode ServerX VNC Server control is a VNC server implemented as an ActiveX component, which makes it extremely easy to integrate VNC support in your Web or desktop applications. In the simplest scenario, you would have to add the ServerX ActiveX to your project, place ServerX instance on a form, and optionally modify the ActiveX properties. That's it - you just created an application with a VNC Server embedded in it.

ServerX Features Highlight:
  • Supports all features that can be found in a standard VNC server.
  • Includes UltraVNC Repeater proxy support.
  • Includes UltraVNC DSM encryption plug-in support.
  • Exposes VNC server functionality through a powerful set of ActiveX control properties and methods.
  • Can be used inside a desktop or Web-based application.

Because the license for ServerX is for a single developer, you must purchase a separate license for each developer.

Purchase includes one year of technical support, bug fixes and product upgrades.

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3 - 5 20%
6 - 10 40%
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License Type SKU Price Order
Single Developer License + 1 Year Upgrade and Maintenance Plan 03-0002-1 $450.00 

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